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May 13, 2014

Teaser Tuesday! Meet BEN from FIVE WAYS TO FALL

 FIVE WAY TO FALL releases in just 41 days!
How do I know that? Because of the awesome little counter on the right side of the blog (which you can steal and post on your blog, if you'd like). I finished writing FWTF back in December and am dying for it to release. So far, the feedback I'm hearing from reviewers is outstanding. I'm so excited for the rest of you to get your hands on Ben Morris, the obnoxious bouncer from Penny's and friend to all.
If you've read the other books in the TTB series, then he's exactly what you expect him to be: a cocky, good-looking guy with a wild streak and no inclination to change, even when he graduates from law school and gets a "grown up" job at Warner Law Firm.
His likes include: women, his mama, and the orange groves where he grew up.
His dislikes include: well, in all honesty, he doesn't have dislikes. His motto is "I'll try anything, once."
He goes after Reese MacKay in typical Ben fashion, only to find himself in for one helluva ride. Be prepared for a lot of laughs with this one.

Thank you to my AWESOME FWTF street team for the teaser graphics! You guys ROCK XOXO

Who do I see as Ben? For some reason, I always gravitate toward this one pic.
This guy in other pics... no. But this EXACT pic--pose and all--is the version of Ben that's stuck in my head.

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