"Every writer I know has trouble writing." ~  Joseph Heller

Are you looking for someone to provide constructive feedback on your manuscript? If so, look no further!

I am a published author of 17 novels and have worked extensively with content and copy editors, both freelance and from a Big Five publisher. I believe every writer, no matter how experienced, can benefit from critical eyes on their story.

I am that writer who sends her editor pages of notes along with each manuscript draft submission, dissecting her own character development, worldbuilding, and plot advancement to point out potential issues.

But no writer can identify every weakness in their own writing.

I strongly value the input of trusted industry professionals as part of the process of bringing a story to life. And, thanks to them, I have learned a tremendous amount about the craft of writing and storytelling (yes! Storytelling is its own art).


Now I want to put that knowledge to good use by helping YOU finish YOUR novel! 

Critique Services

What am I offering?

My respectful opinion of your story and my advice on how to strengthen it.


At this time, I am offering partial manuscript evaluations. I will evaluate the first 50 pages of your manuscript, specifically focusing on content:

  • plot

  • characterization

  • timing/pacing

  • setting/worldbuilding

I will provide helpful comments and suggestions for possible fixes via the "track change" option in Word, as well as a cover letter outlining overarching suggestions. All communication will be via email.

Please note, a critique does not include technical editing such as spelling, grammar, or punctuation, or any input on formatting 

Also, I will not be able to offer a professional endorsement/blurb for any work that I have been paid to critique.  

AND, please realize that a critique from me will not guarantee that you find an agent or sell your book. I can only help bring you closer to that dream.



Well, because a full manuscript critique requires many hours and I can't juggle that with my writing schedule at this time. But the first 50 pages are critical. They can either grip or scare away readers-including a potential agent or editor!  


$125 USD ($2.50 per page x 50 pages)

Request a critique!

  • I will respond to inquiries within 2 business days

  • At this time, I will be limiting critiques to contemporary romance, women's fiction, suspense, and fantasy.

  • Once I accept your partial manuscript for review and we agree on submission timing, turnaround will be 5 business days.

  • I will not accept any projects where the premise is too similar to a story line I am currently working on or have sold to a publisher (example: "second chance romance" isn't specific enough to be concerning, but I'd pass on "girl's family dies in drunk driving accident" if I were writing Ten Tiny Breaths right now) 

  • payments are processed via Paypal in USD

  • all payments are required upfront 

*File submission requirements: .doc/.docx file, double-spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font (that is the standard for professional submission)


Thanks! Message sent.