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Privacy Policy

  • What information is being collected?

    • The information being collected in the newsletter sign up form is the Individual's name and email address​

  • Who is collecting it?

    • K.A. Tucker, for the sole purpose of communicating with her readers.

  • How is it collected?

    • Through a subscription opt-in form, using Wix as the​ marketing automation platform.

  • Why is it being collected?

    • This information allows K.A.Tucker to communicate with readers about updates and marketing.​

  • How will it be used?

    • This information will be used when generating K.A.Tucker newsletters and bulletins​

  • Who will it be shared with?

    • This information is used solely by K.A.Tucker.​ All lists are private and will never be shared externally

  • What will be the effect of this on the individual(s) concerned?

    • People who have opted in will receive emails from K.A. Tucker to announce upcoming book releases, big sales, and other news related to K.A. Tucker.

  • Opt-out option:

    • Subscribers will receive emails that they have opted in to. They can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the K.A. Tucker newsletter.

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