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I ran from home to escape heartbreak, only to deliver myself into the hands of a wolf.
Henry Wolf, that is.
Heir to a luxury hotel chain.
Infamous playboy. Arrogant bastard. And my new boss.
Why he wants me, Abbi Mitchell—a girl who lacks experience on every front that would matter to him—as his personal assistant, I cannot fathom, especially when I keep screwing up in the most spectacular way.

Did I already mention he’s a bastard?
A beautiful, moody one, who’s quick to demand, slow to apologize.
And toying with me every chance he gets.
Testing me.
Messing with my head in a way that makes my body crave him.
He knows it, and he doesn't hide the fact that he enjoys doing it.
He says he doesn’t want me for more than my mediocre computer skills and color-coding flair.
He says he’s not willing to risk losing his empire for a tangle in the sheets with “the help.”

But I’m beginning to think that’s a big, dirty lie.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience.


Henry Wolf is a deliciously wicked, sinfully handsome man who has done a very bad thing.

Worse, he owns me now—every inch of my body and a sizeable chunk of my stupid, naïve heart.
And he’s made it clear that if I want to keep my job and stay in Alaska, I’m stuck catering to his every whim and wish—both in the hotel and in his bedroom—while I wait for the potential fiery media circus ring that will no doubt drag my reputation into the gutter along with his, should his past discretions surface.

I will not surrender to his demands, not when I have dirt to hold over his head. IF I have the guts to blackmail him, that is. Something warns me that going through with it will have disastrous consequences for my heart.

Break Me should be read after Tempt Me.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience.


I am not the naïve, innocent girl everyone expects me to be. Not anymore.

Henry has ignited a fire, and I will do anything—defy everyone—to keep him in my life.

But the question now is, does he feel the same way about me?

Teach Me is the third book in the addictive The Wolf Hotel series. Read Tempt Me and Break Me first.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience.


I have battled my controlling family and won. I finally have what I want most—the wickedly sinful billionaire Henry Wolf, committed to me and within arm’s reach most nights.
If only it could stay that way.
Because now I find myself caught between two titans vying for the Wolf empire, worth enough to make any moral man lethal. And Henry's brother is immoral to the bone.
What will Henry do to save what he loves?
And will I fall into that category?

Surrender to Me should be read after Tempt Me, Break Me, and Teach Me.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience


Own Me is Book Five in the highly addictive forbidden romance The Wolf Hotel series.

Eight months ago, I was a naive, small-town farm girl nursing a shattered heart. Then hotel billionaire Henry Wolf picked me up off the ground (literally), and my entire life changed.
Now, I live in a luxurious Manhattan penthouse, and I’m starting my first company while planning a beautiful wedding to the man of my dreams.
I knew these first months would bring plenty of drama. I expected the savage media attention surrounding our engagement, and I braced myself for Mama’s theatrics about the wedding.
But nothing could have prepared me for the big secret that just stormed through our front door, altering the course of our future.

Own Me should be read after Tempt Me, Break Me, Teach Me, and Surrender to Me.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience.

Ronan novella.jpg

Ronan Lyle has been dumped. While his ex is dating around and figuring out if she loves him enough to take him back, he moves to Miami, hoping a change of scenery will help the time pass. That change of scenery comes with Connor Brien, his new roommate and coworker on the Outdoor Maintenance team at Wolf Miami.

Ronan can handle Connor’s obnoxious personality and exhausting drive for beer and women. What he’s not sure he can handle is Connor’s attractive but razor-tongued stepsister—a surprise roommate—and a woman who quickly makes it clear she doesn’t want Ronan there.

Ryan Tatum just spent the night crying her eyes out over a guy. The last thing she needs when she wakes up is to find out her brother has rented the bedroom next to hers. Worse, it’s to one of the Outdoor crew guys from the Wolf, guys notorious for their slutty behavior. If Ronan’s good looks are any indication, there will be a never-ending parade of random— loud— women on the other side of her wall.

Ronan and Ryan do their best to stay out of each other’s way but, with each confrontation, the physical attraction grows. Throw vulnerability into the mix, and Ronan soon finds himself in a situation he’s sure Connor will not be okay with. But what's a guy to do when lust, red-hot chemistry, and the perfect moment collide?


RONAN is a novella about friends Ronan and Connor, before they head to Alaska in The Wolf Hotel series. The author recommends you read RONAN after reading TEMPT ME and BREAK ME.

Please note: This series is intended for a mature audience

RONAN is available in ebook format only at this time.

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