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I (finally) have an online store!

Hey all!

I finally have my online store up and running (and hopefully without any major kinks!)

If you have been looking for signed copies of my Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series, please feel free to visit and click. I have special full series pricing. Given the cost of shipping, you may want to take advantage of it (a Christmas gift, perhaps?) All prices are quoted in USD and you can check out using PayPal.

Please note I don't have my YA series or He Will Be My Ruin available on there yet. It all has to do with inventory and shipping logistics. I'm starting out uncomplicated. We'll see how this goes.

Also, please note that at this time I'm unable to ship to the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba. The paperwork involved with collecting and claiming provincial tax is simply too complicated.

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